What is considered the Great American Beverage? Frothy Rootbeer

There are not many things that says America more than apple pie quite like drinking frothy root beer from a frosted mug.  From backyard  BBQ’s to pizza on a Friday night, not many beverages compare to this all American treat that has been known to tickle your tummy and tantalize your taste buds to this timeless treat.

Originally coming to prominence during prohibition root beer has been a fan favorite to this day.

But what surprises us is when we do free float Friday straight out of a keg with a scope of vanilla bean ice cream how so few newly anointed American have never tried the All American pastime.

Did you know that a Root beer float in Hawaii is called a dirty monkey?

Root beer comes in many different varieties sweet creamy, vanilla, caramel and wintergreen flavors are all signature taste and flavors.

Chicago Draft Style as an example starts out with a wintergreen bite and finishes smooth with a creamy taste that will rock your world whether from a keg or packed in a glass bottle.

Root beer stands head and shoulders above the rest. A frothy head anyway. It’s definitely a bucket list must have and nothing says All American treat like Root beer.

Raise a mug of frothy deliciousness next time your feeling like a patriot!

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