Need a signature drink for New Year’s? Ask Your Mixologist for a Chicago Mule.

The Moscow Mule, originally made in Moscow where it is a cool winter favorite, has taken flight across the continent and spread its wings to quench the thirst and desires of patrons everywhere.

Typically made with great ginger beer and vodka and always served in a copper kettle mug, the mule has grown and expanded in way most Russians would never have imagined.

A once well kept secret is growing up fast…

New versions of the mule have sprung up everywhere with bartenders adding creative spins and special sauces to the long held Cold War tradition.

As an example, you have the Mexicali Mule made with ginger beer and tequila or the Dark and Stormy made with ginger beer and whiskey.

Local favorites like the Chicago Mule…which in this case it’s not the change in alcohol that makes the difference, it’s the ginger beer.


Chicago’s hand crafted beverage company Chicago Draft Style created a ginger beer blend like no other on the market using all natural flavors, no artificial coloring and sweetened with pure cane sugar.

Goes down smooth and kicks like a mule.