Father’s Day Favorite: Rooted out in Root beer

What do you get the Dad that has everything? How do you show him the same love in one day that he seems to give unconditionally and perpetually throughout the year? Just ask Mom, she will tell you through his belly!

Tantalize Dad’s taste buds and tickle his ivory – so to speak. It will not only bring a huge smile to his face, but in most cases, it will stir up
childhood memories and help him forget the weight and responsibility he carries day in and day out.

Whether it was a childhood favorite or a new favorite that reminds him of his youth, Rootbeer itself is the classic “All American” sweet treat.

Of course it makes a perfect stand-alone drink in a frosted glass mug, but add a scoop of vanilla bean and we all scream for well…you know…ice cream!

Rootbeer has been a Dad fan favorite for decades and the pair have been inseparable ever since. The trick becomes when you have so many great possibilities, how do you choose just one?

Rootbeer comes in all shapes, sizes and tastes to compare. You either like it smooth and creamy or more of a sharp wintergreen with a bite. There’s always a little something for everyone.

But for this purpose we are not just talking about someone we are talking about good ole Dad. We think he deserves the best. In fact, we know it. When you are on the bucket list of a great city and you carry the name of that city, then it’s known that you take your craft seriously.

Chicago Draft Style Rootbeer was crafted to perfection that gives Dad the ultimate Rootbeer experience, smooth and creamy with a wintergreen bite.

It’s a man’s man Rootbeer that he will want. So next time you want to give the man who makes it happen a real man’s treat, there is no shortage of the sweet creamy beverage that will be sure to make him feel like king for a day.

So here’s to you Dad, we raise a pint and wish you the very best on Father’s Day and every day.

Please visit www.chicagodraftstyle.com for great recipe pairings!

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