What’s the best Ginger Beer for a Moscow Mule?

When people think about or talk about a Moscow Mule, the ginger beer utilized is often a second thought to the mix. Most mixes solely focus on the alcohol and any ancillary additives but few if any gives credit to what the true star of the drink really is. The ginger beer and here’s why.

Ginger beer is the real star of the show…the singular master ingredient to one of this years hottest and most asked for cocktails.

This is why we’ve decided to flip the mule on its head and talk about why the key is in the mix.

Most basic ginger beers have very mundane super sweet cloudy liquid called ginger beer. But what this drink really deserves is a strong robust ginger taste that matches the effects of alcohol added.

With a clear light brown tint directly derived from the ginger root itself and the kick is real yet so smooth.

Chicago Draft Style Ginger Beer is the ultimate mix for your next Moscow Mule.

To prove it we’ve decided to make our own signature Mule called the Chicago Mule. That is the only Mule to match that of a great city with big shoulders.

Sweet. Home. Chicago.

Chicago Draft Style

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